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May 2015
BTV Ornament Club:
Snowman Shuffle!

These little snowies are sweet as can be...playing around on the gifts, you can see! They are so cute, but silly it's can't help but smile, even if you feel blue!

Enjoy! Jamie

April 2015
BTV Halloween
(Everybody Hide!)
These little characters are sweet as can be...
They are hiding from something... of which we can't see!
It could be a goblin, or a ghoul in a tree...
Or perhaps just a ghostie, who wants to be free!
Hope you enjoy the little Frankenstein, he is adorned with a froggy, ghostie and a couple jack-o-laterns...

Enjoy! Jamie



Registration open!
2015 Special Event ~ HOOT/Ohio!

Registration open!
2015 Special Event ~ Portland!

Register starts June 1!
2016 Special Event ~ Las Vegas!

 HOOT Convention (Ohio)

Raindrop Convention (Portland)

Las Vegas Creative Painting


Pocketful of Bunnies!

To Ski or Not to Ski?!
That is the question! :) PP#292

Winter Welcome!



Artsy Daisy Pin!
Pin Packet

Lil Painting Bear!
Pin Packet

Sweet Hearts!
For Valentines or anytime!  PP#290








Valhalla Laser

Fotos by Flo



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