Dad Update: Dad is comfortable and  has stabilized in hospice. We are appreciative of the wonderful care from the hospice team at the VA. Kudos to them!
BOOK Update: Christmastime 8 is going to be late  I am on the hunt for a new printing company; but also just have no time to devote to it ~ I will post updates here...   xo, Jamie


Seattle in September...
Northwest Decorative Artists Convention

Kim and I are looking forward to co-teaching in Seattle this fall - East meets West

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The Ornament Club ~
August 2016
Marshmallow Cocoa Co!

The Marshmallow Cocoa Company is one of a kind...
With the tastiest marshmallows you ever will find!
Gooey and chewy and such a delight...
 They're toasted atop the cocoa just right!
Marshmallows so sweet, for a warm, creamy drink...
They'll melt and they'll ooze, and put you over the brink!
A winter's eve treat for all that you host...
You'll surely be ready to party the most!
No matter the day, or the month, they won't care...
Just serve up this cocoa, and your friends will be there!

xo, Jamie

BTV Halloween Club ~
July 2016
The Hairy Hand...

Another fun design that is inspired by my dad...well, in a way. Growing up, Dad would always tell us tall tales, scary stories...all of us kids would gather
 around our wood stove, with eyes wide open as Dad recounted stories about "The Hairy Hand"  or "The Claw" or "The Side-Hill Gulcher" or "The Hidey-Behinds" (and of course, I had to recount these to my own kiddos..
So, anyway, this hairy hand is a tribute to that story.
 Be on the lookout as I develop designs from all of Dad's characters...
xo, Jamie



New Packet ~ Banner!

Happy Halloween Sign

 Hanging Door/Wall Plaque -

Approx. 16" x 7" x 1/4"


Summer/Fall Teaching Schedule

July ♥ Windy City Brushes
~ Chicago, IL

Thank you to all the members of the Windy City Brushes! I hope you enjoyed the seminar; I appreciate you hosting me.
Happy painting, Jamie

August ♥ Fiesta City Decorative Painters
 ~ Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you Fiesta City Decorative Painters for a wonderful time! I hope you  are able to use the techniques I shared with you!
Happy Painting, Jami

September ♥ Black Hills Area Decorative Artists
~ Rapid City, SD


September ♥ Northwest Decorative Artists
Convention in Seattle, WA
(teaching, exhibiting)


October ♥ Heart of Utah Painters
~ Provo, UT



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